The photographer knows the science, the art and the technology, making crucial decisions as to how the camera responds to light and dark to answer a brief, to achieve an image that says it all. A professional can make a great image with an iPhone or a Box Brownie on demand and achieve best results. Don’t let your visibility be left to chance.

  • Skill
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Advice
  • Clear communication
  • Management of expectations

When you choose a professional, you are working with someone

  • whose status has been formally validated and recognised
  • who is committed to excellence
  • whose creativity is constantly pushed and developed
  • who has the “eye”– a natural ability to create powerful images with shape and light, composition and colour
  • who uses the camera as a tool to capture, enhance, create and deliver strong, hardworking images

A professional photographer knows about:

  • Style: the creative experience to help you work out exactly what you need, what suits your brand.
  • Trends: what’s popular, what’s not; what works for your requirements.
  • Technical stuff: light theory, colour spectrum, diffraction, diffusion, reflection, dynamic range, chromatic aberration, lens distortions, perspectives, digital sensors, digital file types and uses, colour theory, printing options and techniques, post production.

Things we care about when photographing:


  • expression
  • getting the best out of the subject
  • pose/body language
  • grooming
  • clothes
  • accessories
  • colour and mood


  • site preparation
  • composition
  • features
  • textures
  • sun/light angles
  • weather


  • location preparation
  • access
  • composition
  • features
  • views
  • textures
  • depth of field
  • balancing different light sources: daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, neon

Remember it’s not the camera that makes the decisions. Choose a professional photographer.